Taking Santa photos at shopping mall has become a yearly Christmas tradition for many families.  It is also a tradition for our family in the past 10 years.  This year, however, our 9 years old son raised a good question.  “Why are we taking a family photo with a stranger every year?”.  He has made a good point.  Thinking more about it, he is actually right.  Instead of taking Christmas photos with Santa, this year in December, we created a DIY photo booth and props to take Christmas family photos. We reflected on all the blessings that we have received in 2017 and made this photo booth that is full of love.

christmas photo booth

Here are the 6 reasons that making a DIY photo booth is sweeter than taking Santa photos at the mall:

1. Photo booth and props are fun to make

Photo booth is very fun and easy to make.  For this year, we gathered friends and family together to build a photo booth backdrop with wood pieces from Home Depot.  We went for a rustic organic look.  The Christmas lighting added to the top and bottom of the backdrop gave a warm festive tone to the scene.  We then complimented the photo booth with rustic props such as wooden buckets, plants and baskets.  The resulting look was simply stunning!

DIY photo booth rustic style

2. It is a great family bonding activity that sparks the creative outlet

Putting together a Christmas photo booth backdrop is a great family bonding activity. We enjoyed the planning, the creation of the look, the shopping for the materials together at the craft store and finally putting everything together. We also contacted friends and family to find the rustic props and plants so we could complete the look. A lot of these items were just existing decor in the house that we reused.

3. No need to wait at the Santa photo line at the mall

In the past years, in order to take a Santa photo at the mall, we often had to wait in line for an hour or more to see Santa. Making a photo booth backdrop can save a lot of wait time.  The backdrop was portable that we brought it to our church and shared this special Christmas photo taking activity with brothers and sisters at church.  We were very blessed to see all the happy faces and blessings from our brothers and sisters at church.  Everyone loved the photo props and the booth.  It is definitely more memorable than taking Santa photo at the mall.

4. Create unique Christmas photos with blessings reflected in photo props

Making the photo props was the most exciting craft in this project to me.  We got chalkboard wood signs from crafting store during the Black Friday sale.  We then printed inspirational quotes on sticker papers and then sticked them on the wood sign as the photo booth props.  I really enjoyed using my Silhouette portrait machine to make these inspirational photo prop signs.

DIY photo props bible verse

Below you can find the links where I purchased the wood sign, as well as the script font that I use in this project.  I absolutely adore the Hello Wedding script font.  It is chic, modern and rustic, perfect for this rustic photo booth theme.

I downloaded the Hello Wedding font on my computer, opened Microsoft Word and typed out some inspirational quotes.  My favorite quote is the bible verse “We love because He first loved us”.  I separated the verse into 1-2 words each and printed them in black on white sticker paper.  I then used my Silhouette portrait machine to cut them and stick them onto the wood signs.  We got lots of compliments on these photo props.

You can find the Hello Wedding font at Font Bundles:

script font

The wood signs are available in Michael at:
My favorite Silhouette cutting machine:

5. Take Christmas photos with the ones you love rather than a stranger

Invite friends and family over or bring the photo booth to your church and share the Christmas photo taking with your ones you care. It was super fun having the photo booth at our church.  We took photos for the seniors who dressed up in bright red and gold for the photo shoot.  I’ve never seen them so happy chatting and smiling in front of the camera.  Kids had such a good time holding photo props to take pictures with their blessings in 2017.  No more awkward scary moments with Santa and no more line-up waiting at the mall for the Santa photo.

6. Print as many poses and group photos with less money than a Santa photo

photo booth prints

Did I tell you the best thing about making your own photo booth for Christmas photos? You can print as many poses and group photos as your heart desires.  You can email the digital images to your friends, use them to make photo Christmas cards, magnets, New Year calendar as gifts.  The possibility is endless and most importantly, you will enjoy the process, fulfill your creative outlet and appreciate the photos even more.  Hope you like this post.  Have a happy happy holidays and enjoy the rest of 2017. ♥

photo gifts


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