Safari Baby Shower Games

Safari Baby Shower Games

Format: Canva Template

Delight your customers and spice up any baby shower with this comprehensive set of 50 Safari Baby Shower Games PLR Canva Template in Safari animals theme. This all-in-one template bundle is perfect for event planners, or anyone looking to host a memorable baby shower. From classic favorites to creative new ideas, each game is designed to engage guests and provide hours of fun.

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Our Safari Animals Baby Shower Bundle includes a Comprehensive set of popular Games:

  • Who Knows Mom the Best: Test how well guests know the mom-to-be.
  • Baby Bingo: A baby-themed twist on the classic bingo game.
  • Word Scramble: Challenge guests with scrambled words all about baby and pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy Animals: Guess the names of baby animals.
  • How Big is Mommy's Belly?: Fun guessing game using yarn or ribbons.
  • Alphabet Names: Guests come up with baby names for each letter of the alphabet.
  • Mommy or Daddy?: Guess who said or did what—Mom or Dad.
  • Higher or Lower: Guests guess the numbers related to baby facts.
  • Boy or Girl?: Fun predictions and guessing games about the baby's gender.
  • What's in Your Bag?: Find out who has the most items in their purse.
  • What's in Your Phone?: A modern twist to see who's got what on their smartphone.
  • Nursery Rhymes: Test knowledge of classic nursery rhymes.
  • Baby Animals: Match baby animals with their parents.
  • Alphabet Baby Items: Can guests list baby items from A to Z?
  • Baby Drawing: Guests draw their version of the future baby.
  • Where is Mommy? and Where is Daddy?: Guess the locations in fun photos.
  • Don't Say Boy or Girl: A game where saying 'boy' or 'girl' means losing a point.
  • Advice for Mommy and Daddy: Guests share their best parenting advice.
  • Find the Guest Bingo: Find facts about other guests.
  • One Year Bucket List: Guests suggest activities for the baby's first year.
  • How Many Candies Are in the Jar?: A sweet guessing game.
  • Name That Tune/Baby Song: Guess the song from a few lines.
  • Character Match: Match the baby to the parent or character to the show.
  • Guess the Sweet Mess: Identify melted candy in diapers.
  • Message in a Bottle: Write a future message for baby or parents.
  • Guess How Many Jelly Beans Are in the Jar: Another fun guessing game.
  • True and Lies: Guess which statements about the parents-to-be are true.
  • Who Am I?: Identify the guest from baby photos.
  • Guess the Baby Food: Taste and guess the flavor of various baby foods.
  • Baby Features: Guess which parent baby will inherit features from.
  • Celebrity Babies: Match babies to their famous parents.
  • Pacifier Hunt: Scavenge for hidden pacifiers at the party location.
  • Guess What's in the Bag: Guess items in a diaper bag without looking.
  • Baby Brain: Trivia about all things baby.
  • Baby Word Match: Match baby-related words with their meanings.
  • Cartoon Moms: Identify famous animated mothers.
  • Name That Baby: Guess the names of celebrities' babies.
  • Finish Daddy's/Mommy's Sentence: Guess how they would finish a statement.
  • Would Mommy/Daddy Rather?: Choose what Mom or Dad would prefer.
  • Baby Predictions: Predictions about the baby’s future.


  • Fully editable in Canva Free version
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  • Engaging design with clear instructions

Perfect for anyone in the baby industry or hosting a baby shower, this PLR template is designed to save you time while providing a wide variety of fun and interactive content. Use this template to ensure every baby shower is lively, memorable, and enjoyable for all guests!

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