Customize PLR Planners With Design Elements

Customize PLR Planners With Design Elements

This course is a bonus training for Content Creation Collection Toolbox. In this course with four videos of over an hour of footage, Carmen will show you step-by-step in detail how she transforms all the pages of two PLR planners into two new designs using two other PLR design element packs from the same Toolbox.

Software used: PowerPoint

Here are the 4 video lessons in the course will cover:

  1. Why I Pick These Two PLR Planners and Two Design Resource Products To Transform
  2. How I Review The PLR Content To Design New Planners
  3. Transform A Floral Dream Planner Into A Soft Pastel Planner With Minimalistic Design
  4. Transform A Bright And Colorful Quilt Planner Into An Eclectic Design

You will learn:

  • How to set up digital papers as the backgrounds of the planner pages using Slide Master in PowerPoint
  • How to use Slide Master to easily swap the planner layouts
  • How to change color tones and colors of existing graphics
  • How to crop and merge seamless digital papers to fit the size of the planner page
  • How to change the fonts of the template in bulk action



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