Etsy Email Marketing On Autopilot

Etsy Email Marketing On Autopilot

In this video course, Carmen will show you step-by-step with over-the-shoulder videos on how to turn your Etsy buyers into email subscribers:

  • How to set up an Email Marketing effort for your printable Etsy shop
  • How to automatically collect buyers’ emails legally using the free plan of a popular email marketing platform that integrates directly with Etsy
  • How to set up the automation such that as soon as a new buyer purchases a product from your shop, he/she will be added to your email list after consent is completed

Detail Step-by-step training on how to collect email addresses and deliver the freebie:

  1. Set up sign-up form
  2. Set up Welcome campaign
  3. Set up Welcome message to deliver freebie
  4. Deliver freebie by uploading it to Dropbox or Google Drive
  5. Get a shareable link from Dropbox or Google Drive
  6. Add the shareable link to the welcome message

Includes all these topics:

  • Where to advertise your free offer in your Etsy shop
  • How to create mockup images to guide your customers to confirm the subscription.
  • How to add personal use term and shop branding to the freebie
  • How to package the free printables to deliver
  • How to upload the free printables to Google Drive and Drop Box and get a shareable link
  • How to add the shareable link of the free printables to the email welcome message

After going through the lesson and following all the steps, you will have an email marketing campaign set up automatically to run on auto-pilot!




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