Styled Planner Mockup Kit

Styled Planner Mockup Kit

A planner mockup kit with realistic styled planner mockup in Canva templates. Include 12 different realistic and styled planner mockup in 2000 x 2000 size for Etsy product images and Instagram posts. The kit also includes 7 sets of color coordinating linen covers and 7 sets of planner tabs to create different looks to match your planner pages.

Get more Etsy and Shopify sales with these aesthetically styled planner mockups. You can easily create goregous product images using the pre-made Canva templates. Just drag and drop your planner pages to the placeholders in the mockups. Use them to set up a scroll stopping instagram feed. 

All elements are in own layers in Canva. You can swap to use different background image, binder rings, tabs and move them on top or below each others.

Each Styled Planner mockup includes:

  • Stylish background photos with beautiful texture (furs, white marble, barnwood, flatlay desktop)
  • Linen planner back cover with shadow
  • Hand painted binder rings in beautiful metalic colors
  • Planner tabs
  • Placeholders to drag and drop your planner designs


  • 7 sets of planner tabs in different colorways
  • 7 linen planner covers in different colorways

Tutorial: A video tutorial of how to use the Styled Planner Mockup Kit is coming soon and will be added to your account.

All photos in the mockups are Canva free media stock. Please refer to Canva Free Media license for the proper usage.

All of the mockups and elements are for your own personal or small business use to create mockups for your own products. They are not allowed for resell, redistribute or giveaway.




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