Mother's Day Card Templates

Mother's Day Card Templates

A set of 16 Mother's Day greeting cards,fully editable in Canva templates.

All elements are in own layers in Canva. You can swap to use different background colors, clip arts and Canva elements.

Floral elements are free elements in Canva

All other clip arts are hand painted original clip arts by our in-house artist.

The Mother's Day Card templates include:

  • 4 black and white coloring Mother's Day card with individual line art drawings from our Mommy & Me Line Arts pack
  • 4 colored Mother's Day card with clip arts from our Mommy & Me Clip Art pack
  • 8 colored Mother's Day cards with Mommy & Son and Mommy & Daughters with dark and light hair and skin color tones, hand drawn by our in-house artist. The floral elements are Canva free elements that can be swapped our or replaced. 

Card designs and illustrations created by Simply Couture Designs are allowed for commercial use to sell the finished PDF cards to end users for their personal use. Set a fair price of the Mother's Day cards and do not give them away.

Please do not resell, redistribute or giveaway the Canva templates. 

Please refer to Canva Free Media license for the proper usage of their elements.




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