Back To School Planner

Back To School Planner

Back To School Planner PowerPoint template with Commercial use rights. Complete school organizers for Teachers, Students and Parents. It includes Teacher Binders, Student Planners, 2021-2022 School Calendar and more. A total of 60 pages

Help busy teachers, students and parents get ready for the new school year. No need to stress what the homework is every night, and no worry about keeping track of schedules, lesson plans, assignments and school supplies.

We know how hard it is for parents, students and teachers, so we created a back to school planner that gives you the complete school organizers that do the work for you. Not only will it keep you on top of everything, but it will also help you save money. Print as many copies as you desire.

The Back To School Planner Template includes the following pages:

  • Back To School Planner Cover {1 page}
  • This planner belongs to page {1 page}
  • 2021 to 2022 Calendar two page spread {2 pages}
  • Weekly planner pages {5 pages}
  • Daily planner pages {5 pages}
  • Monthly planner two page spread from August 2021 to July 2022 {24 pages}
  • Student Planner Cover {1 page}
  • Class schedule for first and second semester {2 pages}
  • Homework tracker {2 pages}
  • Project trackers {2 pages}
  • Teacher Planner Cover {1 page}
  • Last year teacher reflection page {1 page}
  • This year's teacher plan {1 page}
  • Daily teacher planner page {1 page}
  • School year at a glance page {1 page}
  • Student information page {2 pages}
  • Parent Planner Cover {1 page}
  • Kindergarten Back to School checklist {1 page}
  • Elementary Back to School checklist {1 page}
  • Middle to High School Back to School checklist {1 page}
  • Back to School shopping to-do list {1 page}
  • Take care of business day to-do list {1 page}
  • Notes {1 page}
  • Journal {1 page}

The pages in this mega Back To School Planner Template comes with Power Point source file so you can change the fonts & colors and customize the pages with your unique design. It also includes PDF file of all pages for easily printing.

Commercial use rights included that you can rebrand, customize and sell in your own shop.

This license allows you to use the planner template source files to create planner printable and physical planner and journal products for sale at Etsy, Shopify, Amazon or on your own website.

What You Can Do:

  • You can use the planner template to create flatten planner printable in PDF format or physical end products to sell to your customer for personal use.
What You Cannot Do:
  • You are not allowed to sell the planner created using this template to another seller who then resells it to the customers
  • You are not allowed to extract the graphics from the planner for other purchase. Please purchase the Back To School Decorative border graphics separately
  • You are not allowed to sell the planner template (Power Point source file) to others.
  • You are not allowed to give the planner template away. Please refer others to our shop to purchase the template.
  • You are not allowed to claim this planner template design as your own.
  • You cannot mention Simply Couture Designs or Carmen Chan in the product that you sell.
  • Please set a fair price when you sell and do not give the product away.  Thank you!

If you have any question about our commercial license, please contact me at [email protected].

♥ All orders will be sent by email to the email address entered when you place your order at checkout, please make sure it is the correct email.

Hope you like our planner designs. Please check back often as we will be adding new products every week. ♥




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