Fitness and Selfcare Line Arts

Fitness and Selfcare Line Arts

25 Fitness & Selfcare line drawings in high resolution PNG files.

With the line art drawings, you can easily create unique coloring pages, coloring pattern papers and coloring stickers using the club content each month by mixing & matching the graphics.

Since our graphics are digitally drawn by the same artist each month, you can even mix and match the graphics from different monthly packs on one coloring page to create an even more unique design that can't be found from anywhere else. Hope you'll like this new set.

Here are the illustrations in this set:

  • Bathtub, Ellipitcal, Facial Roller, Girl in bathtub, Girl in bed, Girl relaxing reading a book, Girl running, Girl squatting, Girl stretching, Girl doing yoga, Gym bag, Gym shoes, Gym shorts, Gym top, Healthy meal, Healthy snack, Journaling, Jump rope, kettle bells, Face mask sheets, Medicine ball, Skincare, Treadmill, Weights, Yoga mat




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