Etsy Product Pinning Technique Training

Etsy Product Pinning Technique Training

Video training with 4 videos to show you how to create an Etsy product Pinterest pin with multiple images straight from Etsy. Plus, tips to make the product pin a vertical pin.

In the first video, I will show you:

  • Introduction

  • Differences between a regular Etsy product pin vs a rich product pin that includes multiple images and detail product info, given they are both pinned from Etsy directly.

In the second video, I will show you:

  • Step-by-step on how to create a Rich Etsy Product Pin on Pinterest with multiple images using a FREE tool from Etsy.

  • Trick to make the Etsy product pin a Vertical pin.

In the third and fourth videoes, I will show you:

  • How to modify a square Etsy product image and change it to a vertical pin right from inside the FREE Etsy tool.

  • How I create a vertical Pinterest product pin using Etsy Canva Mockup Template.

BONUS: 8 Pinterest Vertical Pins for Home Management printables included!




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