Online Shop Planner Template

Online Shop Planner Template

Online Shop Planner Template Bundle For Commercial Use – a complete bundle of Etsy Online Shop Planner to plan the operation and setup of your Etsy shop with 52 unique planner pages. It comes with commercial use license that you can sell the finished planner on Etsy, Shopify and your own website.

Make passive income online with this Online Shop Planner for Etsy sellers! Many people are starting an online Etsy business selling downloadable printables as well as hand-made items. They will need a planner to set up shop branding, profile, policies, track inventory, supplies, brainstorm keywords and tags, plan new products, promotions, social media, email marketing and advertising. It also includes financial pages to plan revenue goal, track monthly income, orders, expense & fee, shop stats, sales tax, expense & fee. 2022 and 2023 calendars are included, along with 12 monthly planner two-page spreads. This set of modern and pretty online shop planner is going to be loved. 

Demand is high for starting an online Etsy shop business. Grab this Online Shop Planner for your own shop or sell the finished flattened PDF file in your Etsy or Shopify shop.

The Online Shop Planner Template contains the following pages:

  1. Online Ship Planner Cover {1 page}
  2. This online shop planner belongs to {1 page}
  3. 2022 and 2023 Calendar at a glance {2 pages}
  4. Monthly Planner two page spreads {24 pages}
  5. Monthly Goals {1 page}
  6. Shop Branding {1 page}
  7. Shop Policies {1 page}
  8. Shop Inventory Tracker {1 page}
  9. Shop Supplies Tracker {1 page}
  10. Product Keywords {1 page}
  11. Product Tags {1 page}
  12. Coupons and Promotions {1 page}
  13. Shop Income At a Glance {1 page}
  14. Order Tracker {1 page}
  15. Expense & Fee Tracker {1 page}
  16. Monthly Stats {1 page}
  17. Sales Tax Tracker {1 page}
  18. Shipping Log {1 page}
  19. New Product Planner {1 page}
  20. Advertising Tracker {1 page}
  21. Email Marketing Planner {1 page}
  22. Social Media Tracker {1 page}
  23. Revenue Goal and Estimate {1 page}
  24. Order Tracker {1 page}
  25. Return Tracker {1 page}
  26. To Do List {1 page}
  27. Vision Board {1 page}
  28. Notes {1 page}

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