Advent Calendar Canva Website

Advent Calendar Canva Website

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to market your business this Christmas? If so, I've got the perfect solution for you. All it takes is a few clicks and your business will have an Advent Calendar Gift or Special Offer Website like this one in minutes.

Businesses are getting ready for the holiday season right now. One of the most popular things is running an Advent Calendar Gift or Special Offer event with the audience. That's why I've made this Canva template that you can quickly create a beautiful Advent Calendar Canva Website without any coding knowledge. It's so easy!

Introducing Advent Calendar Canva Website template. Set up your own Advent Calendar Website using the Free version of Canva in minutes and promote your products or services. Get ready to celebrate with your customers and offer them your latest products and offering in a unique, festive way!

Watch the LIVE DEMO here:

12 Days version:

*Music is not included.

What can you do with the Advent Calendar Canva Website template?

  • Use the template to run your own 12 days to Christmas offering

    • Offer a free gift each day as the lead magnet to get new email subscribers

    • Run a special sale each day on a different product.

  • Customize and sell the Advent Calendar Canva template in your shop to end users for their own personal use

What are included in the Advent Calendar Canva Website template?

  • Includes both 12 Days and 25 Days to Christmas templates.

  • Optimized to run on both Desktop and Mobile

  • You may modify it for other occasions such as New Year, Birthday, Anniversary sales and more.

  • Use only Free Canva elements and animations. Please reference Canva Licenses for Commercial Purposes.

  • Edit using the Free version of Canva

  • Hyperlinks are added for each gift

  • Commercial Use Right is included. Use it for your own business, or customize the Canva template, and then resell it in your shop to end-users for their personal use. All the work is done for you.

✅BONUS: Includes a video step-by-step training on how to use and customize the Canva website template. Note the video training is for your own personal use only.




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