Rabbits Watercolor Clip Art Pack

Rabbits Watercolor Clip Art Pack

13 gorgeous Watercolor clip art in high resolution PNG files

Commercial Use license included that you can use the illustrations to create coloring pages, books, printables and stickers tto sell. Buy our colored graphics now and save on unique hand drawn and hand painted graphics!

Since this pack of watercolr graphics are hand crafted by Carmen digitally, you have the peace of mind that the graphics are original drawings and Carmen owns the copyright of them. Hope you'll like this new set.

How our colored graphics different from other sellers and market places?

  1. All our graphics are hand drawn and hand painted by me personally or by my professional artist. You won't find them from anywhere else.
  2. Commercial use right included. No need to make changes to them to create products to sell. You can use the graphics to create stickers as as long as they are incorporated into a product to sell. The only thing you cannot do is to sell these graphics as is.
  3. High resolution PNG files with a transparent background. 




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