AI Stationery Implementation Training

AI Stationery Implementation Training

Carmen will show you how she creates Stationery printables using AI Midjourney. She will cover popular themes including botanical, woodland animals, whimsical, abstract, under sea, outer space and more.

Bonus: Includes all Midjourney Prompts.

Embark on a creative journey to design your own stationery printables using the power of AI with our "AI Stationery Midjourney Implementation" bite-size training course. This easy-to-follow, innovative course includes two comprehensive videos that guide you through the fascinating process of creating bespoke stationery using Midjourney.

What You'll Learn:

  1. Introduction to Design Themes: Dive into a variety of design themes and styles for stationery printables. Learn how to select and implement themes ranging from Vintage Nostalgia to Fantasy Dreamland.

  2. Structured Prompt Patterns: Master the art of crafting effective prompts for stationery borders in Midjourney. Carmen teaches you a systematic approach to developing prompts, ensuring that your designs are both beautiful and practical.

  3. Upscaling Techniques: Discover techniques to upscale your printables for larger print sizes without losing quality. This skill is essential for versatile stationery design, suitable for everything from small note cards to large posters.

  4. Imperfection Correction within Midjourney: Learn how to identify and fix common imperfections that may arise during the AI generation process inside Midjourney, ensuring your final product is of professional quality.

  5. Batch Creation with ChatGPT: Leverage the power of ChatGPT to batch create Midjourney prompts for different themes. This innovative approach using a Midjourney Prompt Template will save you time and inspire a wide range of designs, making your creative process more efficient and diverse.




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