Create ColorSplit Book Cover Mockups AI Training

Create ColorSplit Book Cover Mockups AI Training

Carmen will show you how she creates Half-color Half-Line art coloring book cover mockups using Dalle-3 in ChatGPT. Dalle-3 prompts are included to create your own coloring book cover mockups.

Three videos that cover:

  • Introduction to ChatGPT 4 and Dalle-3
  • Create a Half-color Half-line art coloring book cover mockup using Dalle-3
  • Create a Half-color Half-line art coloring page using Dalle-3
  • Create the color split pages in square, portrait and landscape orientation

šŸŽBONUS Training:

  • Show you how to create BOTH Full Color and Black and white link art of the same drawing on two different pages. Perfect to create colored example for your book.

  • Show you how to create a Color Split coloring page on a decktop background mockup with color pens. This type of mockup is perfect to use as the product image of your coloring books or coloring printables.




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