AI Clipart Profits Course

AI Clipart Profits Course

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🤖Do you want to earn passive income selling gorgeous AI clipart designs?  In this course, Carmen will teach you her proven workflow for easily creating beautiful boho, floral, and feminine clipart using AI art generator Midjourney. 

🖥️🎥Step-by-step, you'll learn how to use Midjourney to generate stunning original clipart, understand Midjourney Prompt Engineering, prepare print-ready files, and research keywords to optimize Etsy listings.

🎨No artistic skills or experience needed! Carmen will provide 30 amazing prompts and teach you how to refine AI art into polished designs.

📗You'll walk away equipped to create Midjourney prompts to generate gorgeous feminine watercolor clipart that are highly popular on Etsy. You will know how to keep expanding your clipart catalog.

💻Carmen will guide you through setting up Midjourney in Discord, generating beautiful images, fine tune and post-processing to extract elements, remove background, and upscale the drawings to at least 2048px by 2048px for high quality clipart.

🖼️She will also share her tips in creating mockup product images for clipart, how to package the images to deliver to your customers. Plus Etsy SEO keyword research tips using eRank and examples of keyword optimized titles, description, tags - everything you need to start creating and selling clipart.

Unlock the potential of AI to create a fun, empowering business from home. Your new life as a clipart designer awaits! 💖

In this course, Carmen will show you through step-by-step over the shoulder videos on how she generate a collection of gorgeous feminine watercolor illustrations using Midjourney to create a clipart pack to sell on Etsy. 

Course Outline:


  • Welcome to the course! Overview of What We'll cover

Set Up Midjourney and Discord

  • Midjourney Setup and Basics
  • Set Up Server and Channels to Organize Your Midjourney Images in Discord

Creating Kawaii Icon Style Clipart in Midjourney

  • Midjourney Prompt Engineering
  • Generate Kawaii Icons using ChatGPT and Midjourney
  • Upscale and Remove Background of Icons

Create Watercolor Clipart in Midjourney

  • Create Watercolor Style Floral Clipart in Midjourney
  • Download, Remove Backgroudn and Upscale

Create Watercolor Clipart in Dalle-3

  • ChatGPT 4 and Dalle-3 Introduction
  • Create Christian Girls and Boys Watercolor Style Clipart in Dalle-3

Create eye-catching Clipart product images in Canva

  • Package Images for Delivery
  • Why Quality Mockups are important for selling clipart
  • Create Clipart Mockup Product Images from Scratch using Canva

Listing Clipart on Etsy

  • Keyword SEO Research using Erank
  • Write Title, Tags, and Product description with Keywords Incorporated



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