Tropical Escape Girls Clipart

Tropical Escape Girls Clipart

Tropical Escape Girls Colored Clipart Graphics

44 hand drawn graphics beautiful girls enjoying the tropical paradise in the summer. Includes various tropical themed items. They come with Commercial Use rights. Includes different skin tones and hair colors.

Commercial Use license included that you can use the illustrations to create coloring pages, books, printables and stickers. 

Our graphics are digitally hand drawn by our professonal artist each month. You can even mix and match the graphics from different monthly packs on one coloring page to create an even more unique design that can't be found from anywhere else. Hope you'll like this new set.

Unlike the clip art you find in marketplaces such as Creative Fabrica, Design Bundles and Hungry JPEG, our commercial use license allows you to use the graphics AS IS to create a new product for sale. No change is required to the graphics.

You cannot sell the graphics in the same format (i.e. in clip art). The graphics must be incorporated inside your planner, coloring printables and stickers to sell. 

You cannot use the graphics to create a PLR product to sell. 

NEW! If you are a PLR seller, you may purchase the PLR Product License Add-on to use the graphics in a PLR product to sell.

What You Can Do:

You can use the Clip Art Graphics PNG files to create a new end product to sell to the end customer for personal use, as long as the graphics cannot be extracted by your customer.

What You Cannot Do:

You are not allowed to resell the Clip Art Graphics PNG files nor include them in a template to sell. The Clip Art Graphics images must be embedded in a new flattened design to sell. Your customers cannot extract the Colored Graphics images from the end product.
Please set a fair price when you sell and do not give the product away.

If you have any question about our commercial license, please contact me at [email protected]




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