Selling Printables On Etsy Course

Selling Printables On Etsy Course

Selling Printables On Etsy Course

Are you interested in opening an Etsy shop and filling it with printable products to sell? If so, enroll in this mini course and I will show you how to take the printables you have acquired and sell them on Etsy to earn side hustle income. 

As a welcome gift for you interesting in my Etsy course, grab 40 Free Etsy Listings by opening up a new Etsy account using my link here.

5 Etsy Video Lessons that are included in this course. Plus all future lesson updates of this course for FREE!

Lesson 1: Open Etsy Account And Set Up Public Profile and Preferences

Lesson 2: Set Up An Etsy Shop And Start Your First Listing

  • How to add a printable planner product to my new Etsy shop
  • 10 product images I create and the purpose of each one
  • How to write the title, description and tags for my Etsy listing to enrich the key words tailored to my planner printable.

Lesson 3: Keyword Research On Etsy + How To Ceate Beautiful Product Images Using Canva

  • Keyword Research on Etsy
  • Keyword Research with Google using Keywords Anywhere, a free chrome extension
  • How to use Canva to create product images for my new Etsy shop
  • Tool mentioned in this lesson: Etsy Printable Shop Seller Bundle 

Lesson 4: Populate Printable Products To Sell On Etsy and How To Validate Product Ideas On Etsy

  • How to research popular printable products to sell and what kind of products to list in your shop right now.
  • Where to find commercial use resources to create printable products quickly and affordably.
  • Reveal an idea to help your new shop getting the first sale and some nice reviews.

Lesson 5: Promote Etsy Products Using Pinterest and Email Marketing

  • How to use Pinterest to promote Etsy products
  • How to use email marketing to promote Etsy products. Plus I will share a FREE email marketing program for you to start out with.
  • One trick to help bringing attention to Etsy products
  • How to get reviews on your products
  • How to leverage the stats of my shop to improve Etsy listings.

All Sales are Final. There is no Refund Or Exchange. 




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