How To Create About Us Video For Your Blog In Just A Few Minutes

If you haven’t heard of Animoto, you should check them out. Animoto is a company that makes it easy for anyone to create professional quality videos with their pictures and video clips within minutes. I have used Animoto to create slideshows to promote my photography website. it is a great tool to create media for marketing videos that get notice.

Create About Us video with Animoto.Put your business in the spotlight and share your story with elegant transitions and light flares with Animotos pre-built storyboard

Animoto is introducing a new feature Animoto’s new Social-friendly Storyboards. It is a new marketing video option, that you can create eye catching and professional stories to be shared on Facebook, Instagram and more to promote your business. You use it to create storytelling videos for your social media. Animoto’s 3 new storyboard templates feature sharp cuts and stylish text effects designed for story-heavy, viral-style content.

Here are some cool video ideas that you can create with the new social-friendly storyboards to share on social media:

  1. About Us Video
  2. Steps-by-Steps How-to
  3. Product Testimonials
  4. Behind the Scenes
  5. Product Introduction
  6. E-Course Teaser

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Now, let me show you step by step how to create a storyboard with Animoto.

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Step 1: Sign in and start a marketing video

Sign in to your Animoto account, click the blue CREATE button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Look over to the right and click CREATE button under ANIMOTO MARKETING to begin your video. Or simply click Marketing Videos for Business to start.

Create an Animoto marketing video storyboard

Step 2: Choose a storyboard

Once you have clicked on CREATE under ANIMOTO MARKETING, you’ll be brought straight to the pre-built storyboards. There is a nice collection of pre-built storyboards designed for different businesses and marketing purposes.You can click on each storyboard template to see how it looks and see a short written description. Once you find one you’d like to use for your video, click on the blue CHOOSE STORYBOARD button to get started.


For this tutorial, I will go over the creation of an About US Video. In the pre-built storyboard screen below, select VIEW ALL.

Animoto View all storyboards

Then, select About Us storyboard and click CHOOSE STORYBOARD to start building your About Us video.

Animoto About Us video


Animoto Choose Storyboard

Step 3: Add your content

[click_to_tweet tweet=”Create an About Us video for my blog in 5 minutes with @Animoto storyboards” quote=”Create an About Us video for my blog in 5 minutes with @Animoto storyboards”]

After choosing storyboard, Animoto will work on replacing all sample content to produce your video. Wait for a few seconds and then you will see the Animoto Marketing Project editor.Animoto replace sample photos

Now, let’s upload some of your own photos and logo to the project.To add in your photos, video clips, and logo, select the Media icon from the toolbar on the left-hand side of your screen (it’s the icon at the top of the toolbar). Then choose the photos and video clips you want to upload from your computer. Once they’ve been added to the Media tray, you can drag and drop them into the storyboard blocks, replacing the storyboard photos and video clips with your own content.

Next, drag and drop those photos to replace each sample content on the storyboard and customize your own version of the About Us video. If you have more content than you have storyboard, you can click “ADD A BLOCK” to add extra content.

I’ve found that the marketing video is very easy to make with the About Us storyboard. In just a short few minutes, I have already replaced the sample content with my own images and logos. I can also change the look of the text, add a filter, pick a new song and experiment with different transitions and color effects by clicking on the “Style” icon.

When you are happy with the storyboard project, click on the gray PREVIEW button on the upper right hand corner of the screen to watch the video preview.

Animoto Storyboard working area
Step 4: Produce The About Us Video

You can go back to your project to make edits. I am happy with the default template and am ready to finalize the video. To finalize the video, click on the blue PRODUCE button under the video preview. Enter a title for your video and other information.


Preview and produce the Animoto video


Animoto produce the final About Us video

That’s it! How much you change your marketing About Us video is up to you. You can keep it close to the original storyboard, or experiment to fully customize for your company’s branding style and personality into your video. Now you have created a professional video. Share it on your Social Media such as Facebook page, Facebook profile, Twitter and Youtube to market your company.  Pin this post for later.


Share Animoto About us video on social media

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Here is my About Us Video for Simply Couture Designs created within 5 minutes:

Do you have an About Us Video on your blog? Have you tried Animoto to create a marketing video? I would love to hear from you.

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